First, please read the Peer Leader Position Description (PDF) to make sure you understand what leading a workshop may involve.

Next, read and sign the following documents and email to

  1. Peer Leader Agreement (SME or LWDisability) or Acuerdo de Lider (Spanish)
  2. Non-Disclosure Agreement (SME or LWDisability) or Acuerdo de Confidencialidad (Spanish)
Self-Management Resource Center (SMRC) COVID-19 Training Guidelines

The following is allowed by SMRC:

  • Conducting the 6-week virtual workshop (2.5 hours per session) will be counted (just as in-person workshops were) to meet the requirement for new leaders or Master Trainers to complete certification and become active in a program. Facilitating a virtual workshop will also count for active leaders to remain certified/active in a program, where the requirement is to complete at least one workshop per year.
  • New leaders will need to complete at least one workshop (in-person or virtually) within 12 months of the date they were trained. New Master Trainers will need to complete 2 workshops (in-person or virtually) within 12 months before or after the date of their Master Training.
  • Facilitating the 6-weeks of phone calls with participants using the mailed tool kit will not count toward completing certification for new leaders or Master Trainers as these phone calls to not encompass all of the expected skills required to conduct a full 6-week workshop.
  • We will, however, allow active leaders or Master Trainers (who have already conducted workshops) to count the mailed tool kit with phone calls toward the requirements to remain active.
  • Also review the SMRC COVID-19 Guidelines (PDF) document on the Workshop Materials page of our site.
Self-Management Resource Center (SMRC) Training Guidelines

Consult the SMRC Active Status Guidelines for Leaders and Certification Guidelines for Master Trainers and T-Trainers Fidelity Manual (PDF), pages 81-86 for more details.

Training Schedule
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Living Well with Chronic Conditions Update Training Schedule
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Disparate Groups and Cultural Competence Training
  1. Office of Health Disparities Cultural and Linguistic Appropriate Services training videos
  2. National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO),
  3. Commit to Inclusion,
  4. National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD),

Program key: SME = Self-Management Education (all classes) or LWDisability = Living Well with a Disability.