We are excited you are interested in our programs, If you want to host a workshop at your location or offer your own workshops as a Living Well partner, please review the following.

Program Basics and Benefits

Visit the Self-Management Resource Center (SMRC) at www.selfmanagementresource.com to learn about the program research and development.

Trying a Workshop

If you would like to see if one of our workshops will be a good fit for your organization, consider coordinating with a local partner who already implements the program first. Review our Living Well workshop search to find classes open for registration or to find a partner near you. If you still want more information, review our list of resources from national organizations below.

Becoming a Living Well Implementation Partner
  1. Designate a coordinator and review the Living Well Program Coordinator Position Description (PDF).
  2. Meet with the Healthy Aging Program (HAP) staff to review fidelity requirements and implementing workshops under the HAP statewide SMRC program license.
  3. Discuss potential funding to find out if grant money is available.
  4. Send 2-3 people from your organization, either staff or volunteers, to be trained as a Living Well Peer Leader. Review the upcoming Leader Training dates.

We are confident you will find our evidence-based programs useful in assisting your patients, clients, or community members in developing self-management skills to help reduce their symptoms and increase their confidence and quality of life. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Still need more information?

Check out these resources from national organizations for more information:

Living Well with Chronic Conditions, SMRC  Introduction to WWE (Arthritis Foundation) Introduction to EnhanceFitness
Living Well with Diabetes, SMRC WWE in the Worksite Enroll your organization to provide EF
Living Well with Chronic Pain, SMRC WWE Exercise Videos Introduction to AFEP
Tomando Control de su Salud (Spanish LWCC) WWE Workshop Resources How to implement AFEP
Programa de Manejo Personal del Dolor Crónico (Spanish LWDiabetes) Step it Up! The Surgeon General’s Call to Action (CDC) Physical Activity, The Arthritis Pain Reliever (CDC)

Program key: AFEP = Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program; EF = EnhanceFitness; LWCC = Living Well with Chronic Conditions; LWCP = Living Well with Chronic Pain; LWD = Living Well with Diabetes; Programa de Manejo de la Diabetes = Manejo; SMRC = Self-Management Resource Center; Tomando = Tomando Control de su Salud; WWE = Walk with Ease.