Are you caring for someone with memory loss who lives in a rural area? If so, the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) invites you to take part in a free 6-week online workshop and study for caregivers.

Participate, learn from, and help other caregivers in a free 6-week online workshop!
We ensure fair and equal treatment and participation in this study. We are inclusive of all social groups to which people may belong by gender, race, class, sexuality, religion, ability or any other social category.

In the workshop you will:

  • Log on whenever you want (day or night) – 2 or more times per week, for 10 to 30 minutes each time

You will learn new skills to:

  • Help you reduce your stress
  • Manage difficult behaviors of your friend or family member
  • Take better care of yourself
  • Plan for the future

You will get:

  • Ideas and support from other caregivers and trained staff
  • Information on community resources
  • A free workbook to keep

There is no cost to you for participating.

Ready to check if you are eligible? Visit