Healthy Mind Matters

The Healthy Mind Matters show discusses the important community issues of stronger mental health, emotional wellness, and the growing problem of addiction. Living Well with Chronic Pain (LWCP) Classes are helping those who are battling chronic pain look at and manage their pain differently.

Healthy Mind Matters Host Maria Shilaos speaks with Intermountain Healthcare’s Pain Education Coordinator Rebbi Burdett and class participant Josh Smith about self-management techniques and skills needed in the day to day management of chronic pain. Thank you Rebbi and Josh for sharing information on the LWCP class and what it means to you!

KSL Radio LWCP Show
  1. Chronic Pain #1 (11:56 min.)
  2. Chronic Pain #2 (5:17 min.)
  3. Chronic Pain #3 (11:03 min.)
  4. Chronic Pain #4 (6:11 min.)