Spread the word; Step into April and Take a Walk!

Throughout the month of April, spread this message throughout your networks to get the word out about walking!

Did You Know:

Doing some balance training, aerobic activities, and/or muscle-strengthening exercises can lead to improved sleep, reduced stress, reduced depression and anxiety, and provide pain relief?

Start With a Walk:

  1. Wear well-fitting, comfortable shoes, along with comfortable, breathable socks.
  2. Choose a safe, accessible place to start walking, such as a neighborhood with sidewalks, a park, or a community walking trail!
  3. Start at your own pace based on your physical abilities. Don’t do too much, too soon.
  4. Use aids, like walking sticks or canes, if they help.
  5. Don’t hold your breath when walking! Remember, keep breathing.

Walking Resources:

Walk With Ease: A community-based group walking program designed to help you start and maintain a safe walking routine. Join a Walk With Ease class near you at livingwell.utah.gov.

Walk With a Doc: Walk with a healthcare provider in your area! Visit https://walkwithadoc.org/ for more information.

TrailLink: Find a walking or hiking trail near you at www.traillink.com/stateactivity/ut-walking-trails/.