Please welcome one of our newest partners, Salt Lake County Health Department, and find out more about their program.

Hello, my name is…Anni McKinnon

Anni McKinnon is the Healthy Living Program Manager with the Salt Lake County Health Department where she oversees initiatives to reduce the incidence of chronic diseases in Salt Lake County. She and her team focus on environmental changes that are community-driven, innovative, and measurable to promote healthy behaviors and improve quality of life. Anni educates partners and the community about active transportation opportunities, healthy food access, improved chronic disease management and diagnosis in a clinical setting, and school health. She has a background as a Health Educator, Disease Investigator, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach. She received her Bachelor’s in Health Promotion and her Master’s in Communication. She spends her free time running mountain trails, rock climbing, wake surfing, and obstacle course racing.

Who inspires you, and why?

Sarah Hodson from Get Healthy Utah – She is a very positive and happy person. She seems to know everyone and have connections with everyone. She genuinely has a passion for what she does and wants to do good.

What is the last book you read?

Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks

What’s your secret talent?

Dancing while I surf

What can the Living Well Coalition do to help your organization succeed?

Continue to be available when we have questions and to help educate clinics on referring through the physicians portal

How do you collaborate with healthcare for recommendations/referrals to programs?

We offer an agreement with a variety of projects, which are broken down step-by-step to choose from that will help improve patient care on chronic conditions. We pay them for the successful completion of projects. Referral to Living Well classes is a requirement on the agreement.

What are your most successful marketing strategies?

Word of mouth